Your imagination can be golden

July 28, 2007

J.K. Rowling was stuck on a delayed train at King’s Cross Station in 1990. She used the time to jot down an idea she had for a book series featuring a group of children at a wizard school called Hogwarts. That imagined world became the famous Harry Potter series.

17 years later, Rowling is the first writer to have become a billionaire from writing books. (The Chicken Soup guys are sure to follow soon.)

Isn’t it amazing that something she dreamed up in her imagination is now real in the world in books, movies, websites, blogs, action figures, and so on.

This is just a reminder that the imagination is not just an airy thing – it can lead to real things in the world and to money in the bank account.

Of course, imagination has to be wedded to action and persistence, but without imagination nothing would be created.

Go write that book you’ve been imagining, okay?


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