Stop me from writing again! Why having an idea for a book is not a book.

August 26, 2007

Having just had my 28th book come out, I am trying my darndest to not write another book. Now this may seems weird to you, as most readers of this blog will be trying to write and book and get it published.

People come up to me quite regularly for ideas about books they propose to write with me and I tell them flatly that I have more than enough ideas for books (I have outlines for about ten or so in my computer as I write this and ideas for at least 20 more). The hard work is in writing and selling the books. And while I have gotten faster at writing (I usually write a draft of my books in a month or so these days, as opposed to the three years it took me for my first book), it still takes time and I am trying to have a life beyond work.

What’s the point for you? Just this: Having an idea for a book is a very small part of the writing life. The main part is outlining, researching, organizing, writing, pitching and selling the project to agents and editors, marketing and doing interviews after the book comes out.

If you have an idea, good for you. Now sit your butt down and start writing. Learn about the publishing industry and how you can get an agent and a publisher (or learn how to do quality self-publishing, if you must).


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