Radio publicity for a book

August 27, 2007

Tomorrow I am appearing on a local radio show for my new book (Write is a Verb). I have done television publicity, print media (magazines, newspapers), lectures, book signings and other means of publicizing book. I like radio. The hosts are usually nice and fun folks (TV is mixed; there are quite a few shallow/persona-only characters in this medium, along with again, some nice folks who are prepared for the interview and have at least glanced at the book). The time one gets in radio is often more than TV (although not always). You can also do radio from anywhere by phone (although I will be doing it in person tomorrow on KSFR here in Santa Fe – they do the interview at the Santa Fe Baking Company and you can sometimes hear orders shouted in the background). I did a “40-city radio tour” in my robe (you have to get up early for east coast “drive-time”).

I’m not sure how well radio works (or anything else, excpet Oprah, of course) because most of the time I am doing multiple channels and efforts to publicize my book. The effect of being on Oprah was easy to observe (the book went from 766,000 ranking on to #13 while the show was on), but for most other avenues of publicity, the effect will be more subtle and cumulative. But being on radio is easy (no travel, good people, a little more time to talk about the book, location flexibility), so it is a good way to go.

My book companies have used several publicity companies to set up radio tours:
Krupp Kommunications ( – Yes it is spelled correctly. I loved the person who coordinated my publicity–Jennifer Heesler
Newman Communication (

They both sell their services to authors and are worth the money.


One Response to “Radio publicity for a book”

  1. ruth cohen Says:

    I am Ruth Cohen the author of “Remains of a Cloud” , my first book is coming out of the printer in a few weeks. I am a bipolar woman and was sick for 30 years until I got to a complete recovery. I lived in 4 continents and so did my illness.
    I am eager to talk to people about this complicated sickness where light does not emerge often but suffering does. I would like to be interviewed about my book and my sickness by people like you.
    I got extremely good comments from 5 psychiatrists from the USA, England and Israel who read my book.
    Can I share my book with you?
    My website is at


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