How writing a book and getting it published can increase your income indirectly

August 30, 2007

I came across a report from in which they measured the indirect impact on professionals of writing a book and getting it published. Obviously, if you get an advance on royalties for your book and if your book “earns out” (that is, earns back at least its advance after publication), you can earn money from your book. But this reports attempts to quantify the indirect income authors earn from their books.

The report found that median indirect income – from more and better speaking engagements, the ability to generate more leads, to charge higher fees, to close more deals, etc. – was approximately $100,000.

I have certainly found the indirect income resulting from a book, mainly in increased fees and speaking engagements, but also from ancillary sales from other products as well (other books, audios, videos, consulting and coaching, boot camp signups).

I’ll discuss another aspect of this report in a future post, but for now you can use this as additional motivation for getting off your duff and getting your book written and published.

By the way, I have just revamped my Online Book Writing and Publishing Course. I have made it even more powerful and easier to take by breaking it up into chapters with specific focuses (foci?).

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Overview of the Course
Chapter 2 – Finding the Energy to Write and Sustain Your Through the Writing and Publishing Process
Chapter 3 – How to Start Writing, Write Fast and Write Well
Chapter 4 – Overcoming Writing Blocks and Fears
Chapter 5 – Developing a Platform to Increase the Odds Your Will Get Published to Agents, Publishers and Readers
Chapter 6 – How to Write a Winning Proposal To Sell Your Book Before You Write It
Chapter 7 – Finding and Getting An Agent (and whether you need one or not)
Chapter 8 – Money and Contract Matters
Chapter 9 – Completion, Recap and Plans for Going Forward with Your Book Project

The small investment you will make in the course (which you can take at your own rate and pace from anywhere you have a computer and Internet access) can, as the report on indirect income from being a published author indicates, pay off handsomely. The course is only $397 (USD) and you can earn that back and more by selling your first book. Visit: and click on the About the Online Course tab.


One Response to “How writing a book and getting it published can increase your income indirectly”

  1. Ryan Nagy Says:

    Hi Bill – On several occasions, I have heard that snippet about a published book increasing income by nearly $100,000. However, I did not know that the data came from They are an organization that I highly respect.

    When are you going to make some more blog posts? I could use some more words of wisdom from the master.

    cheers! – Ryan

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