Publicizing your book is a good investment

September 1, 2007

I mentioned a study from in my last post about the indirect income that can come from getting a book written and published. Another interesting finding in that report was that authors who invested money in publicity (often their own money, from their book advance or just from their own pocket) ended up earning more money from their books and getting more book sales than those who relied on their book publishers to publicize their books.


51% of the authors included in the study invested an average of $4500 of their own funds to publicize their books, mostly by hiring outside publicists. The payoff of this investment was significant. The study found that those authors who used outside help sold an average of 10,000 copies of their first book and earned average royalties of $55,000, compared to 4,500 copies sold and royalties of $25,000 for authors who relied solely on their publishers to market and sell their books.


One Response to “Publicizing your book is a good investment”

  1. Sandy Diaz Says:

    It’s great to see these statistics! As a book publicist, TCI-Smith Publicity has helped hundreds of authors get more exposure for thier books. The challenge for us is although we do work with some authors for 6 to 8 months, or even years, most of our authors can only afford (both money and time wise) to invest four months in a campaign. Because of the time lag in how roylaties are distributed, current clients don’t often see the financial return until long after they have completed their campaign. But, when they come back for the next book, we know their investment paid off!

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