January 4, 2008

Unprovided with original learning, unformed in the habits of thinking, unskilled in the arts of composition, I resolved to write a book. –Edward Gibbon


I came across this quotation today and it really struck a chord. That was me when I started writing (okay, maybe I did have some habits of thinking, but the other two are right on). I just started writing even though I wasn’t a good writer and didn’t know a thing about the publishing industry.


I attended a writing workshop once with former screenwriter turned therapist, Dennis Palumbo. He began the workshop telling a story about an encounter he had with Robert Redford in which Redford expressed some envy about Paul Newman. Redford thought Newman had it made and Palumbo was thinking that everyone else thought Redford [fixed typo, thanks Tony!] had it made. It occurred to Palumbo that this was an indication of scarcity. If Redford didn’t think he had enough at that level of success, fame and financial success, it was never going to be enough. That led him to develop one of his three rules for writing: Who you are and what you know right now is enough to start writing.


Don’t wait for the ideal conditions, that new model of computer, the room in your house to get remodeled,  the kids to graduate and leave home, the job to become less hectic, the next writing workshop, and on and on and on. Start now. Write now/right now.


You are enough. You have enough. You know enough.


Right now. 


One Response to “Enough”

  1. Tony Dyer Says:

    Love your book, Write is a Verb and going through it for a second time to become more inspired.
    Is the switch from Redford to Redmond more than simply a typo or do you know more about Bill Gates than the rest of the world?

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