Waiting for inspiration is like waiting for Godot

April 6, 2008

“I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning.” Peter De Vries

If I had waited to write until I was inspired, I would have far fewer books written. I decided to work and wait for inspiration to show up while I was working. Writing, and any creative act, is a funny thing. You are not always inspired and you can’t directly control inspiration. But I find that when I work hard at the craft of writing, the art becomes easier. I am more confident that because I have pulled it off before (that is, completed a book and gotten it published) that I can do it again. And that seems to prime the pump of creativity so that I come up with ideas for books quite regularly. Most working writers I know have more ideas than they have time to write in a lifetime.

So, start working at writing and maybe the Muse will deign to visit you when you are at the writing desk or your computer or the coffee shop or the kitchen table or wherever you write. Once she knows where and when you’ll be there, especially if you develop regular habits, she is more likely to know where to find you.


One Response to “Waiting for inspiration is like waiting for Godot”

  1. Fin Says:

    I think people confuse inspiration with randomness…like being struck by lightning. What they don’t understand is that inspiration is more like catching a snow flake on your tongue during a flurry. You must open your mouth and look up to the sky. You must purposely seek it out.

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